Woltman Silver Turbo-WSTsb

The Woltman Silver Turbo-WSTsb implements advanced methods and technologies in order to present a top of the line product.

Also available with Bayonet configuration.


Water supply networks, agricultural applications and industrial use

Available Sizes

2"- 12" (50mm- 300mm)


  • MID 2004/22/EC (based on OIML R49EN 14154 and ISO 4064:2005)
  • EEC (based on ISO 4064:1993) 

The Woltman Silver Turbo (WSTsb) offers the following:

  • The WSTsb has wide measuring rate that enables to serve in broaden applications and in extreme situations (low flows an high flows)
  • No sensitivity to working conditions like vibrations
  • No sensitivity to humidity conditions (even if dry chamber is full of water)
  • The worm assy is in a separate kit, which enable easy replacement if necessary
  • Resistance - Bearings and materials used in the WSTsb have been proved to ensure long life expectancy
  • Magnetic Coupling - The WSTsb, like its predecessor, the Woltman Turbo meter - has a unique measuring unit, in which only one moving element in contact with water, and has repelling magnets installed in the impeller and the transmitting gear, instead of the attracting magnets installed in the WT
  • The implementation of oil can and sliding bearing (SB) enables the WSTsb to have a better durability
  • Compatibility - The WSTsb is also available with EV, EF, Dialog 3G, MPE, DPE etc.



Woltman Silver Turbo-WSTsb

Woltman Silver Turbo-WSTsb

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