WeatherCon is the ultimate EvapoTranspiration-based weather reporting and automatic irrigation adjustment system. WeatherCon works in sync with Motorola's ICC central software, controlling watering factors at the main line, crop type, field unit, and area or system level. Weather information from a customer's field or facilities is sent anywhere in the world utilizing Motorola's Water Management Control System with radio or IP capability. 

In addition to ET values, the ICC system can display dozens of weather or other analog values including flow, pressure, and tank level from field units, a feature unique to the IRRInet system. The ICC can even perform IF-THEN scripting actions based on the real-time weather information - turning on a misting valve if the humidity drops below a certain level, or sending an alert to email and pager if freezing temperatures occur in the field - an industry exclusive! 


  • Weather Reporting
    • Barometer & Forecast
    • Humidity & Dew Point
    • Rainfall
    • Solar & UV Radiation
    • Temperature
    • Wind
    • EvapoTranspiration
  • Automatic ET-based Irrigation Control
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring
  • Alarms
  • Packing House Management


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