Irrigation System Management Services

Outsource your system management to the experts.

Budgetary constraints can make it difficult and unnecessary to maintain an in-house team of dedicated water management personnel. To achieve substantial cost savings while improving your overall water usage, why not outsource to the experts?

That’s what the City of Calgary did... under the guidance of our team of water management professionals the city’s ultra-efficient municipal water system won the 2009 National Water & Energy Conservation Award from the International Irrigation Association. We can help you achieve similar dramatic efficiency with your own municipal water or commercial irrigation system.

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Providing water management solutions to Canadian municipalities for over 40 years.

We’ll put forty years of experience to work for your municipality and rigorously monitor water usage data to ensure your community’s needs are met while maximizing resource conservation.

You’ll save time, money, and resources because...

  • No staff training necessary
  • No need to hire extra personnel
  • We have extensive experience identifying potential problems before they happen, preventing many potential leaks and water thefts altogether
  • We are experts at analyzing usage data and will give you the detailed advice and information you need to make highly effective water allocation decisions

At Carlyle and Company we are passionate about helping municipalities manage water resources efficiently.  In today’s world of increased drought, water shortages, and stresses to the world’s fresh water supply we can help ensure your system operates at maximum efficiency and minimum cost. We believe water is the world’s most precious resource and we will do everything in our power to ensure that not a drop is needlessly wasted.

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Phone: 780-436-5894 or email