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Turf irrigation systems that always function at peak performance levels

As a golf course or sports field manager, you want turf that’s a joy for athletes to play on—but you don’t want to overspend on costly maintenance fees. With a custom-tailored Carlyle and Company irrigation system, you can guarantee turf that always delivers its “A-game” while significantly reducing the amount of water and resources required to keep your field or course in prime condition.

Customized Solutions to Fit Your Turf Irrigation Needs

Our high-precision SCADA systems are comprised of RTUs (remote telemetry units) that use wireless or cable communication systems.  The RTUs send water usage data to a central system that enables you to control your entire irrigation system via personal computer. You can synchronize all your water sources in real time to deal with changing water needs while ensuring all areas get the coverage they require without waste or overwatering.

Our ultra-sensitive water meters can detecting tiny fluctuations in flow, enabling instant identification of leaks or water theft and isolate.  Centralized control allows you to isolate problem areas in seconds, creating significant water use savings.

Total Installation and Support

After assessing your specific turf irrigation needs, our team of experts will design and install a custom-tailored water management solution so you can maintain optimum soil moisture with minimal effort. Once the irrigation system is installed, we will provide training so you can control your entire water management system via your laptop. It’s that simple.

Smarter Irrigation = Healthier Turf

Your new SCADA system will accumulate and archive data so you can analyze usage trends over time. This will enable you to calculate optimal water requirements from season to season and ensure that proper irrigation without using any more water than is necessary. Great for your turf and good for the environment, too!

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