Special Projects

Custom-tailored water systems for your special exhibits or other projects

If your municipality or organization is putting on an exhibition, managing a heritage site, or staging a project that requires intelligent water management, we can help.

Our precision-control SCADA systems are comprised of RTUs (remote telemetry units) that use wireless communication systems.  They operate through a central software system that enables you to control your entire water system via personal computer.

You can easily synchronize all your water sources in real time to deal with changing water needs. Our ultra- sensitive water meters are capable of detecting tiny fluctuation in flow, enabling instant identification possible leaks or water theft.  Centralized control allows you to isolate problem areas in seconds, for substantial savings in water and maintenance resources.

Total Installation and Support for Your Water System

After assessing your specific water needs, our team of experts will design and install a complete custom-tailored water system.  We will then provide training so you can easily manage your entire water system via laptop. Great for your budget and good for the environment, too!

To learn how we can help, call for a free consultation: 780-436-5894 or email merrill@carlyleandcompany.ca

Water is the world’s most precious resource — let us help you manage it wisely

Irrigation Solutions & Water Management

Irrigation Solutions & Water Management

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Phone: 780-436-5894 or email merrill@carlyleandcompany.ca