Integrated Irrigation Field Control Module

 The Carlyle IFMCD8 Manifold Module consists of an above-ground, 8-zone, prefabricated copper piping manifold, enclosed in a stainless steel outer shell. It is of modular design to allow for the addition of other Irrigation Field Control Modules, and/or integration with electronic Field Controllers of any manufacture. It is designed to incorporate antenna or other masts. 


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ARAD Water Meters


Arad's water meters are well known for more than 70 years for accuracy, reliability, robustness and quality

Our products include residential water meters, bulk meters and special meters for the agricultural markets


Irrinet XM 

The IRRInet-XM Field Unit is provided for sites that require many I/O modules. It is available either in a 6-slot motherboard, NEMA-4 enclosure (5 I/O modules), or in an 8-slot motherboard, 19" rack mounting (supporting 7 to 67 I/O modules). 

Input/Output Module Options: 

A variety of digital and analog input and output modules plus some very special modules are available to acquire data from a site and send commands to other physical devices located at the site. 

Digital Input Modules: 

  • 16 DI Module
  • 60 DC DI

Digital Output Modules:

  • 16 DO
  • 32 DO
  • 8 DO

Analog Input Modules:

  • 8 AI
  • 4 AO


Mixed I/O Modules:

  • 8 DI, 4DO, 2AI
  • 4 DI, 16DO AC
  • 4 DI, 16 DO DC

IRRInet Ace 3600 

As a full featured part of the IRRInet control system, IRRInet-Ace is a modular field unit with a power supply, CPU and up to eight I/O modules. 

Greater installation flexibility is provided with support for 3rd party sensors and PLC units as well as multiple communication options including broadband data over IP, various radio frequencies, cellular and an assortment of wireline options. This level of flexibility makes it suitable for new installations and easily migrates into existing IRRInet systems. 

With DIOS connectivity, the IRRInet-Ace can activate Piccolo-XR units with its’ PIU functionality. On site programming is supported by pocket PC connectivity.



IRRInet M - AC & DC Models 

A full featured part of the IRRInet control system, IRRInet-M supports three modes of operations: 

  • RTU - Performing all irrigation functions, reporting to the IRRInet Control Center (ICC).
  • Stand Alone - Performing all irrigation functions as a stand-alone unit when the system is installed without an ICC.
  • Remote I/O - Serving as a distributed I/O for another unit that performs all irrigation functions (applicable when multi-site control synchronization is needed.)

With DIOS connectivity, the IRRInet-M can activate Piccolo-XR units with its IU functionality. On site programming is supported by pocket PC connectivity.


Weather Station 

WeatherCon is the ultimate EvapoTranspiration-based weather reporting and automatic irrigation adjustment system. WeatherCon works in sync with Motorola's ICC central software, controlling watering factors at the main line, crop type, field unit, and area or system level. Weather information from a customer's field or facilities is sent anywhere in the world utilizing Motorola's Water Management Control System with radio or IP capability. 

In addition to ET values, the ICC system can display dozens of weather or other analog values including flow, pressure, and tank level from field units, a feature unique to the IRRInet system. The ICC can even perform IF-THEN scripting actions based on the real-time weather information - turning on a misting valve if the humidity drops below a certain level, or sending an alert to email and pager if freezing temperatures occur in the field - an industry exclusive! 


  • Weather Reporting
    • Barometer & Forecast
    • Humidity & Dew Point
    • Rainfall
    • Solar & UV Radiation
    • Temperature
    • Wind
    • EvapoTranspiration
  • Automatic ET-based Irrigation Control
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring
  • Alarms
  • Packing House Management

Piccolo PIU's 

The Piccolo RTU is a small sized unit that consists of electronic board, a 3-way latched solenoid, packed in an IP65 plastic housing. The unit energizes one latched solenoid and receives two digital inputs such as: water meter contact, level transducer, pressure gauge, etc. 

The Piccolo RTU is connected in series on a standard cable (2 x 1.5 mm) for a distance of up to 10 km to an IRRInet Single Cable Module. 

Up to 63 Piccolo RTUs may be hooked up along the cable. The Piccolo RTU is powered from the communication cable (no need for other power supply), which is connected to the Single Cable module in the IRRInet unit. 

Three functions are available using the 2-wire cable: 

  • Power supply for the Piccolo’s electronic board.
  • Commands to the local low-powered latch solenoid.
  • Two data inputs from sensors transmitted to the IRRInet over the wires via the Single Cable module.




The Piccolo-XR RTU is a small sized unit which consists of electronic board packed in an IP66 waterproof plastic enclosure. 

The unit operates up to 4 solenoids and receives up to 7 inputs (in different models). The Piccolo-XR also has analog I/O options. 

The Piccolo-XR communicates via the two-way low-power radio with the PIU (Piccolo Interface Unit) which is attached to the IRRInet-XL, and with other Piccolo-XR units, for a distance of approximately 1 km, depending on the topography and antenna installation. 

Up to 256 digital inputs
256 solenoid outputs
32 analog inputs
32 analog outputs of Piccolo-XR are supported per on IRRInet-XL unit 

Power: External 6VDC battery 

Ambient Temperature: -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F) 

I/O Options: 

  • 1 solenoid output    +   1 digital input
  • 2 solenoid outputs  +   2 digital inputs
  • 4 solenoid outputs  +   4 digital inputs
  • 1 solenoid output    +   7 digital inputs
  • 1 analog input
  • 1 analog output




The Motorola Scorpio is a remote module for IRRInet and IRRInet XL/XM. Using this concept the Scorpio controller extends the range of the IRRInet where the installation of cables is neither practical nor suitable. 

The Scorpio can be used as a stand alone irrigation controller with full irrigation control including filter flushing, fertigation and flow control. Scorpio’s flexibility gives you the choice to irrigate by time, quantity, and flow. Scorpio is the perfect solution for retrofitting sites with 16 stations or less. The Scorpio keyboard is the same as the IRRInet keyboard. It is a transportable keyboard providing added security. 

Scorpio is available in either AC or DC control. The Scorpio DC has the same features as Scorpio AC except it operates on 12VDC. 

It is possible to link two 16 station Scorpios to a single radio, providing single 32 station site capability with 8 inputs for water meters, rain sensors, etc. 

Product Features:

  • (?) http://www.seacontrol.net/images/dealer_img/368/Scorpio_AC_Wall_Mount.jpg
  • DC model: 8/16 DC latched outputs and 2/4 dry contacts (digital) inputs
  • AC model: 8/16 AC outputs and 2/4 dry contacts (digital) inputs


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