Motorola IRRInet Products

Irrinet XM 

The IRRInet-XM Field Unit is provided for sites that require many I/O modules. It can control and monitor reservoirs, water pumps, flow control valves, water meters, water pressure, water level, flow sensors, temperature and humidity.


IRRInet Ace 3600 

As a full featured part of the IRRInet control system, IRRInet-Ace is a modular field unit with a power supply, CPU and up to eight I/O modules.  It has support for 3rd party sensors and includes a range of wireless lined control and communication options.


IRRInet M - AC & DC Models 

A full featured part of the IRRInet irrigation control system, IRRInet-M supports three modes of operations: 

  • RTU - Performing all irrigation control functions, reporting to the IRRInet Control Center (ICC).
  • Stand Alone - Performing all irrigation system functions as a stand-alone unit when the system is installed without an ICC...


Weather Station 

WeatherCon is the ultimate EvapoTranspiration-based weather reporting and automatic irrigation adjustment system. WeatherCon works in sync with Motorola's ICC central software, allowing remote control of watering factors at the main line, crop type, field unit, and area or system level...


Piccolo PIU's 

The Piccolo RTU is a small unit that consists of electronic board, a 3-way latched solenoid, packed in an IP65 plastic housing. The Piccolo allows users of Motorola IRRInet Systems to automate various operations and control points reliably and wirelessly.



The Piccolo-XR RTU is a small sized unit which consists of electronic board packed in an IP66 waterproof plastic enclosure. 

The Piccolo XR allows users to reliably automate various water and irrigation system control points without wires or cellular systems.


Integrated Irrigation Field Control Module

The Carlyle IFMCD8 Manifold Module consists of an above-ground, 8-zone, prefabricated copper piping manifold, enclosed in a stainless steel outer shell. It is a modular design to allow integration with multiple Irrigation Field Control Modules and/or electronic Field Controllers of any manufacture.


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Electrical Enclosures

Electrical irrigation and water management equipment enclosures are made of stainless steel and aluminum, for any size requirement. Weatherproof, CSA approved, AC & DC...


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