Piccolo PIU

The Piccolo RTU is a small sized unit that consists of electronic board, a 3-way latched solenoid, packed in an IP65 plastic housing. The unit energizes one latched solenoid and receives two digital inputs such as: water meter contact, level transducer, pressure gauge, etc. 

The Piccolo RTU is connected in series on a standard cable (2 x 1.5 mm) for a distance of up to 10 km to an IRRInet Single Cable Module. 

Up to 63 Piccolo RTUs may be hooked up along the cable. The Piccolo RTU is powered from the communication cable (no need for other power supply), which is connected to the Single Cable module in the IRRInet unit. 

Three functions are available using the 2-wire cable: 

  • Power supply for the Piccolo’s electronic board.
  • Commands to the local low-powered latch solenoid.
  • Two data inputs from sensors transmitted to the IRRInet over the wires via the Single Cable module.
Piccolo PIU

Piccolo PIU


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