Arad Water Meters: The Hydraulic Valve Advantage

Water Control Systems

Arad water flow control systems are comprehensive, and one unit in particular offers customers several features to consolidate water pressure, improve performance and reduce operating costs. The BM/BMA hydrometer series has received a lot of attention from industry specialists. This unit is ideal for remote or automated applications, and it has an on-board electronic system to relay accurate information to distal computers for remote monitoring. By using innovative technology and an iterative design process, the manufacturer of the BM/BMA hydrometer produced a versatile unit ideal for automated commercial tasks. It can save customers money through efficiency.

The most exciting and useful quality of the Arad water meter is the unit’s unique internal configuration. It combines the benefits of a classic hydraulic valve with a traditional water meter within a single unit. The register is hermetically sealed, and the unit comes in a cast iron body with a reinforced diaphragm. The entire structure and overall design was intended to meet the widest variety of uses while exerting maximum control over the water pressure system. This design makes it suitable for remote irrigation systems, city water management systems, urban networks and rural areas where accurate information really counts.

Smart Water Meters

Selecting a high-quality digital water meter can save money in the long run. Proper regulation of any water pressure system can conserve this resource while maintaining the effects of the water flow. The BM/BMA water flow control unit is equipped with the latest features to enhance the unit’s performance in industrial and remote irrigation settings. The double-chambered valve promotes the maximum amount of working pressure, and the combination of the hydraulic valve into the unit optimizes performance. This feature makes the BM/BMA a uniquely effective solution for industrial applications.

The hydraulic valve allows for the most tightly controlled flow of water pressure, and this gives the BM/BMA unit a distinct competitive advantage over similar smart water meters on the market today. This durable manufacturing design can take on the most demanding industrial applications, and it is also adaptable to many different operating environments. The dual-stage operation and flow regulation features allow users to enjoy complete control over water pressure and flow regulation tasks.

Selecting A High-Quality Digital Water Meter

A high-quality digital water meter does a lot more than deliver highly pressurized water for various industrial applications; it also directs the flow of liquid from the input source to the output channel. The hydraulic valve is a critical component for accomplishing this task. The electronic sensors can quickly relay real-time information to any control center for real-time feedback. Regulating water pressure and monitoring the performance of the meter contributes to a complete hydraulic system. The BM/BMA unit is fully designed to combine the benefits of metering with the control of an internal hydraulic valve.

Commercial enterprises have different requirements than residential customers. When looking to buy water meters, the purchasing agent will need to scrutinize the unit for its battery life, overall efficiency, moving parts, warranties, maintenance requirements and potential application for high volume uses. All of these items were taken into consideration in the design of the BM/BMA device.

Benefits of Arad Smart Water Meters

It allows maximum control while simultaneously reducing the amount of attention needed to optimize performance over the unit’s natural life cycle. The hydraulic valve works in tandem with the water meter within the iron encasement to ensure the longest performance life possible. The reduction in waste and improvement in overall performance ensures that the unit will help businesses recover initial costs quickly.

Using an Arad unit will benefit any industries involved in remote operations or wireless water management. This durable system provides a cost-effective solution for industrial applications, and the metering options allow companies to reduce the overall expenses involved in running an irrigation water management system. If you need to buy a water meter with reliable performance, a durable structure and a compliant frame, the BM/BMA unit will meet all of your organizational needs and performance requirements.

City of Le Mans Chooses Arad Group’s Ultrasonic Bulk Water Meters

The Arad Group, a world leader in the field of water measurement solutions and services, will provide the city of Le Mans with its innovative Octave ultrasonic bulk water meters.

The Le Mans Métropole water utility will replace all of its compound meters, used to provide water services to the suburbs, with Arad’s Octave meters. Work on the installation of new Octave meters will start this summer and will continue until all existing meters are replaced.

Octave is a revolutionary, precise and super reliable ultrasonic bulk water meter. With superior hydraulic and batteries that last more than 10 years, the Octave offers an excellent solution for utilities and water companies that are looking for accurate meters with no moving parts. Unlike other large meters, the Octave is known for its ability to capture even the lowest flows.

The city of Le Mans chose Arad, through its local French distributer Smarteo Water, after it conducted a month-long comparison test in which it compared Arad’s Octave with competing products from other manufacturers. Le Mans chose the Octave because of its competitive price and easy installation.

“The fact that the Octave was chosen after extensive comparative trials illustrates the benefits of the Octave,” said Rami Ziv, Arad’s VP International Sales & Marketing. “By using the Octave, the city of Le Mans benefits from maximum accuracy while minimizing water loss.”

“Until now, French water companies were used to working with mechanical meters in zone control or for billing big customers,” Ziv said. “Le Mans is the first to start the transition to advanced ultrasonic bulk water meters. The deal represents a real shift in the attitude of French utilities, and I am sure that other utilities will follow suit.”