Award-winning municipal water systems for communities who care about conservation

As a municipal water manager, it’s your job to work within increasingly tight budget constraints to ensure your community has the clean, safe water it needs while maintaining maximum water and soil conservation.

But when you’re dealing with multiple sources, wells, tanks, lift stations, treatment plants, aging pipe infrastructure, tough regulations, and harsh environmental conditions that result in a fluctuating water supply, coordinating the entire system can be a huge drain on personnel and resources.

That’s where Carlyle and Company comes in. We’ve worked with municipalities such as:

  • Calgary, AB (winner of the 2009 National Water & Energy Conservation Award for their municipal water system)
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Toronto, ON
  • Regina, SK
  • Medicine Hat, AB
  • Lethbridge AB

... to create comprehensive SCADA systems that enable managers to control their entire municipal water system from a central computer.

And we would love to do the same for you.

System Mangagement Solutions

System Mangagement Solutions

Water Flow and Management Systems

Real-time data allows you to track municipal water usage to instantly identify and respond to fluctuations

Our state-of-the-art wireless systems transmit essential information to a user-controlled software system.  This allows you to oversee the entire network from a central computer.

The ultra-sensitive water meters can detect tiny fluctuations in water output, enabling instant identification of leaks or water theft.  The SCADA system gives you the ability to remotely isolate problem areas so you can reduce water waste and save on staff expenses and maintenance costs.

Total Installation and Support

Our team will analyze your existing municipal water infrastructure, then design and install a custom-tailored water management solution.  The system will efficiently supply residents with the water they need while meeting the horticultural needs of your parks, recreational sites, and landscaped areas.

We will then train your team so you can easily control your entire irrigation network via personal computer.

Looking to Outsource? Let Us Manage Your Systems for You

In these days of increasingly restricted budgets, you may find that it makes more economic sense to outsource your water management duties rather than taking on more full-time personnel to handle it in house.

Our team of municipal water management experts can handle it for you. We have decades of experience managing the city of Calgary’s award-winning water system and would love to help you achieve the same level of success with your own municipal water system.

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Smarter Water Management = Healthier Cities

Your new SCADA system will accumulate and archive all water usage data so you can analyze trends over time and stay on top of your fluctuating requirements to ensure maximum conservation. Great for your budget and good for the environment, too!

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