Landscape irrigation systems that will make your green spaces the pride of your community

Green spaces are the crown jewels of any community or campus. But in order to keep them looking pristine, they can require a lot of maintenance and resources. With a custom- tailored Carlyle and Company landscape irrigation system, you can keep your treasured green spaces looking beautiful while significantly reducing your water and resource use.

Custom-Tailored Solutions for Your Landscape Irrigation Requirements

Imagine being able to easily control your entire landscape irrigation system via your laptop computer.

A Carlyle and Company SCADA water management system is made up of RTUs (remote telemetry units) connected by wireless or cable communication networks that transmit key water usage information to a user-controlled software system. This allows you to manage your entire landscape irrigation via a remote computer and synchronize all your water sources in order to deal with fluctuating water demands, ensuring that your entire green space gets the water it needs and no more.

Our high-precision water meters can detect even the smallest change in water output, enabling you to instantly locate leaks or water theft and isolate the area so you can eliminate water waste and save on your landscape maintenance budget as well.

We Offer Total Landscape Irrigation System Installation and Support

Once we evaluate your specific landscape irrigation needs, our team of experts will design and install a custom-tailored water management solution.  Thiswill enable you maintain optimum soil moisture across all your green spaces with minimal water and resources. We will provide training so you can control your entire irrigation network via your personal computer. It couldn’t be simpler!

Smarter Irrigation = Healthier Green Spaces

Your new SCADA system will archive all water output data so you can analyze usage trends over time.  Tracking fluctuating requirements can help you manage water usage and ensure that green spaces are properly irrigated without water waste. Great for your turf and good for the environment, too!

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Water is the world’s most precious resource — let us help you manage it wisely

Landscape Irrigation Control Systems

Landscape Irrigation Control Systems

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