Intergrated Irrigation Field Control Module

The Carlyle IFMCD8 Manifold Module is an above-ground, 8-zone, prefabricated copper piping manifold enclosed in a stainless steel outer shell. Its modular design allows the addition of multiple Irrigation Field Control Modules and/or integration with electronic Field Controllers of any manufacture. It is designed to incorporate antenna or other masts as needed for wireless monitoring and control. 


Stainless steel, copper and brass, rugged construction, durable, vandal-resistant. 


Protects valuable instruments, back-flow prevention devices, zone valves, electric solenoids, and wiring from damage associated with in-ground installations. The enclosure can prevent flood and moisture damage, field wire damage, and damage from shifting and settling. 

The module eliminates the need for valve boxes and costly field excavation associated with in-ground zone valves and back-flow preventer installations. 

The module also eliminates any need to bury vulnerable wiring between irrigation controller and electric irrigation zone control valves. The most common maintenance item associated with electrically- controlled irrigation systems are field wire issues. Vital wiring is all contained in the above-ground Carlyle IFMCD8 Manifold Module.The only components buried in the field are irrigation heads and their associated piping. 

When trouble shooting is necessary, all vital components are in close proximity inside the above-ground Module for fast and easy access.  The ease of access can reduce maintenance and upkeep costs dramatically.

The use of these modules can eliminate the hazards of costly excavation or flooded valve boxes. The clean and comfortable working conditions involved with installing or maintaining equipment mean savings in time and labor, as well as more effective results. 

Direct Cost Savings on New Installations 

The average additional cost of underground installation of in-ground irrigation systems (valve box, wire, DBY connectors, site reclamation) is approximately $4000.00 / zone in a Municipal setting. None of these costs are incurred with the above-ground IFMCD8 installation. 

Cost Savings on Maintenance 

Users of the IFMCD8 eliminate expensive call-outs due to broken field wires, faulty wire connections, electrical leaks to ground.  This can amount to large savings as the typical cost for a call-out on electrical issues can be over $500.

Additionally, there are noo call-outs due to frozen and thawed in-ground valve box installations, and the IFMCD8 eliminates the cost of replacing broken components associated with frozen valve boxes. There is no requirement for expensive freeze-resistant components such as brass control valves. Irrigation service crews will no longer list propane torches as an essential piece of maintenance equipment for Spring start-up in Northern climates.



  • Direct cost saving on installation
  • Avoid field excavation
  • No buried valve boxes and wiring
  • Easy to access and maintain
  • Direct cost saving on maintenance
  • Rugged construction
  • Stainless steal housing
  • Vandal resistant
  • Copper and brass manifold

IFMCD8 Cut Sheet > 

Vandal resistant stainless cabinet     

Vandal resistant stainless cabinet


Copper and brass manifold

Copper and brass manifold

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