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City of Calgary 

The Project

Water resource management, using the best available technologies and practices, to meet the growing horticultural needs of Calgary-area parks, open spaces, recreational sites, and landscaped areas.

Goals and Challenges

The water control and monitoring solution had to include over 1,000 parks and landscaped areas, including a number of LEED certified buildings.

Results and Benefits

With the Carlyle and Company solution in place, the City of Calgary Parks Department has reduced its water costs by about $4,000,000 annually. The customer also saves approximately $3,100,000 every year in labor, vehicle, and equipment expenses.

The IRRInet-ICC solution, can be expanded and modified to meet changing municipal needs. And even in the case of infrastructure disruptions, IRRInet’s redundant communication paths ensure increased reliability and system continuity.

The City

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Calgary is a city with a population of 1,100,000 covering 746 square kilometers (288.032 square miles). More than 1.5 million people live in the greater Calgary area.

The Carlyle and Company Solution

Calgary boasts the largest and most sophisticated municipal application of the IRRInet system, manufactured by Motorola Inc., using IRRInet Control Center (ICC) and Irrigation Management Solution (IMS) software for water management.

The ICC manages the water flow and distribution to 1,059 parks and landscaped areas, including several buildings at a fire department training center. There are currently 1,450 IRRInet controllers in the field, with new ones going in every week, for 15,628 valves.

Using Dell servers, parks authority operators program and monitor water delivery from one central location. They receive reports of water consumption and accumulation from each valve, as well as alerts of abnormal events such as low flow, high flow, no flow, or a burst main line.

Throughout the parks and the landscaped sites, the city installed the following irrigation controllers:

  • IRRInet ACE
  • IRRInet XM
  • IRRInet M
  • IRRIcom
  • Scorpios
  • Piccolo XR

All the Motorola controllers communicate via a network of low and high power UHF frequencies, high-power 800MHz frequency, and eight nodes of GPRS modems linked through the wireless provider.

What the Client Says

“It is our practice to evaluate the effectiveness of our system and compare the systems actual water use. We have found that the Motorola system achieves a conservative 45% reduction in water consumption compared to our baseline irrigation water budget calculations. In fact, we have sites that experience as much as a 75% reduction in water use related to the system’s ability to adjust the amount of water being applied…” – Resource Management - Parks, the City of Calgary.


  • 1867 water meters
  • 2045 park irrigation systems
  • 6 existing pump installations
  • 2 pump stations under construction
  • More than 1000 Ha ( 2.500+ acres ) on central control in Calgary
  • Operating and services 722 centrally controlled parks (remote CPU's)
  • Central Control is saving an average of 44% on water use


Carlyle and Company is trusted by municipalities across Canada.

Clients using our precision water control systems include the following municipalities:

  • Calgary, AB
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Medicine Hat, AB
  • Toronto, ON
  • Regina, SK
  • Lethbridge, AB.
  • Whistler, BC

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