Guarantee maximum crop yield while saving on operational costs and labour

Overseeing the irrigation of a large-scale agricultural operation is a monumental task. With a Carlyle and Company water management system, you can significantly reduce the amount of time, labour, and resources required to irrigate your crops.

Customized Solutions to Fit Your Agricultural Irrigation Needs

Our precision-control SCADA systems are made up of remote telemetry units (RTUs) connected by communications network.  The network can wirelessly relay essential information to a user software system, which helps you control all aspects of your agricultural irrigation from your computer. This flexibility allows you to synchronize multiple water sources in real time in response to fluctuating water demands.

We can set up communication systems via data, wire, or fiber optic cables. We recommend using wireless radio communication systems as they are easiest to maintain over the long term and do the best job of enabling continuous monitoring and control. Our ultra-sensitive water meters are capable of detecting tiny fluctuations in flow, enabling you to instantly identify possible leaks or water theft and isolate localized areas in seconds, resulting in significant water use savings.

Total Agricultural Irrigation Installation and Support

Our team of experts will work with you to assess your specific agricultural irrigation needs.  With that information we will design and install a complete water management solution to maintain optimum soil moisture with minimal effort. Once the irrigation system is installed, our team will provide training so you can control your entire irrigation system from your laptop. It’s that simple.

Smarter Agricultural Irrigation = Healthier Crops

Our comprehensive SCADA system accumulates and archives all water usage data in order to show you usage trends over time. This gives you the information you need to calculate optimal water requirements and ensure your crops are irrigated for maximum growth without wasting water. Great for your crops and good for the environment, too!

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