Electrical Enclosures

Vandal-resistant, CSA3 weatherproof enclosures, AC and DC (Solar).


Motorola IRRInet

Reliable remote water management and irrigation control systems.


Arad Water Meters

Bulk and Agricultural, for remote control irrigation and industrial applications.


Our state-of-the-art water and irrigation management solutions give you the ability to oversee and manage every element of your water system from your digital network. Our irrigation solutions provide remote usage monitoring, leak identification, and on/off control of localized systems resulting in significant savings on maintenance costs and reduction in unnecessary water output.

  • Top quality precision water flow meters enable you to track  exact water volumes at each location
  • Remote system monitoring reduces the need for technicians
  • Ultra-sensitive monitoring system detects the smallest amounts of water loss due to leakage, theft or waste
  • Long-term data storage to monitor consumption trends
  • We provide customized irrigation and water management solutions, installation and support to fit your needs

At Carlyle and Company, we believe that water is the world’s most precious resource. Let us help you manage it wisely.


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System Management Services

Let us manage your irrigation control system for you.

Effective and efficient irrigation systems and water management take time, energy, and resources.  Training an in-house team for daily monitoring of a comprehensive water management system can be even more costly.  Carlyle & Company provides efficient and professional irrigation system design and water management services. Why not let the experts handle it for you? 



City of Calgary: Client Case Study

2009 National Water & Energy Conservation Award

The City of Calgary was awarded the 2009 National Water & Energy Conservation Award from the International Irrigation Association.

Carlyle & Company has worked with the City of Calgary for over two decades to build and improve its water resource management while 

meeting the horticultural needs of parks, open spaces, recreational sites and landscaped areas. The water management system that we have helped the city build is the largest of its kind in North America. 


System Applications


Effective, efficient irrigation is key to crop health and yields. Our precision irrigation control systems can manage unlimited numbers of field RTUs for operational cost savings and ensuring effective water allocation. Learn more >

Sports & Recreation: 

Our irrigation control and sprinkler systems allow you to maintain beautiful green turf with minimal operational costs and maximum water conservation. Learn more >


Beautiful landscapes are essential features of communities, universities, and corporate campuses. Our wireless water management and irrigation systems help you maintain beautiful landscapes at minimum cost. Learn more >


Slash operations budgets with efficient water and irrigation control systems that allows real time response to fluctuations or leaks and ensure constant and reliable flow control. Learn more >

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Phone: 780-436-5894 or email merrill@carlyleandcompany.ca